Monday, 28 May 2012

Top WSOP Pots

The idea of making money quickly sounds great. Many think that gambling can be an easy way to achieve this end. However, great amounts of skill and knowledge must go into collecting the winning amount from the top WSOP pots available by playing this game. For the right individual, with the right amount of skill and talent, however, there is a lot to be made in this game. The following outlines just how much you can make by winning money from the top WSOP pots on the game circuit today and in the past. The list includes the top winners and just how much they took home from their winning hands.

Phil Hellmuth

In 2007, the No-Limit Hold’em netted Phil Hellmuth an astounding six-hundred thirty-seven thousand dollars. The event was the fifteenth of the year and saw him turn a large hand and thus gather the winnings. This winning streak was not new to Helmuth. In 2006, just a year prior, the No-Limit Hold’em contest, event thirty-four, saw him win another astronomical amount as well.

He won six-hundred and thirty thousand dollars, just six-thousand short from what he would gain the following year. In 2004, Hellmuth won another contest that created a four-hundred thousand dollar turn around for him and in 2003 it was just under two-hundred thousand. To say that he has had experience winning the top WSOP pots would be an understatement. He has successfully earned nearly four million dollars throughout the course of his playing career; an astronomical amount for any poker player to make

Johnny Chan

Johnny Chan has also made a great career and great profit from absorbing the top WSOP pots available on the circuit. In 1988, he saw a career turnaround of seven hundred thousand dollars at a single event. This nearly a million dollars came from the World Series of Poker Main Event and really helped to put Chan on the competitor’s map.

In 1987, just a year prior, he had helped to build his reputation taking home six hundred and twenty seven thousand dollars at the same event. More recently, Chan has one Pot-Limit Hold Em’ with a three-hundred thousand dollar pay out and 2003’s pot limit Omaha event which netted another nearly two-hundred thousand. His total cash winnings, too, then, range in the millions of dollars range.

What To Know

These are two of the top winners of the top WSOP pots available today. There are many others who make their name in the field as well. With the growth of poker in popularity and prestige, and many new faces heading to the scene as well, there is always room for another to come in and make a name for themselves by winning one of these top WSOP pots. The options are open and many individuals will find that with a drive to succeed, a willingness to learn the craft, and the time spent on putting in the right amount of work, they, too, could be collecting these top WSOP pots someday, too.

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